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Prusa MK3S clone crash in Y-axxis

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    Prusa MK3S clone crash in Y-axxis


    I bought a Prusa MK3S clone from China.

    The calibration works fine, but when a printout is executed it crashes in the y direction.
    The belt tension display is also incorrect.
    My only conclusion must be that the clone uses the "Blurolls" stepper motors which has a need for a higher current setting.
    I tried to recompile the firmware with a higher current setting, but then the calibration fails by saying that the y-axis path is incorrect.

    Does anyone have a solution to these problems?
    Does anyone have a working "Configuration_prusa.h" file for the MK3S with the correct changes?

    The way I see it, I have only three options.
    1. The firmware is changed to compensate for the higher currents used by the "Blurolls".
    2. Switch to LDO stepper motors.
    3. Run the 3D printer only in "stealth mode".

    Best Regards