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How to earn after purchasing a 3d printer

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    How to earn after purchasing a 3d printer

    As a leading technology invention of the era of technology, 3D printing technology has a profound impact on various industrial chains of the society, including people's clothing, food, housing and transportation, and improving convenience. There is a data showing that from 2012 to 2018, the use rate of 3d printers has doubled, the market is far from saturated, and demand is expanding. If you have a lot of 3D printers, how to operate, create profits, and realize the first bucket of gold in life. The following forest technology details about what business can 3d printers do? How to earn more money with a 3d printer?

    First, the use of the "shared economy" principle

    The sharing economy first appeared on the Mobai and the small yellow car. It is a relatively new concept. It can effectively use the resource efficiency on the earth and earn more profits for you. If you have a lot of 3d printers, and a toy factory, it needs a lot of fixtures to find you. The toy factory only needs to provide fixture samples, and you use the resources on hand to integrate resources with them, create common interests, and share each other's resources.

    Second, the use of 3d printing network

    Everyone sees the word 3d printing network, it's quite fresh! The 3D printing network is mainly 3D Hubs and MakeXYZ - and an interesting small print network called Fiver.

    1 There are 10,000 different 3D printers in more than 80 countries on 3D Hubs on 3D Hubs. If you're in a metropolis with a large and growing user base, 3D Hubs is the perfect place to share 3D printers. You can communicate directly with 3D designers and choose between face-to-face and email delivery. Manufacturers around the world, mature and developing countries are innovating through 3D printing.

    2 MakeXYZ allows manufacturers to find locally idle 3D printers and print out their outstanding designs. It is best to list your Goldstone 3D printer on 3DHubs and MakeXYZ to maximize exposure. MakeXYZ calculates pricing based on the volume of the part file. The material used for the support structure is not calculated by MakeXYZ. Pricing does not include machine time or setup fees. Both MakeXYZ and 3DHubs require up to 15% commission, but they will add it to the price you charge (you won't lose money, customers pay more).

    3 With Fiverr, creativity is the only limit to what people can do for others. For the 35-yuan mission, people are willing to perform various tasks for you. Share your 3D printer with Fiverr, print things for others and their businesses, and maybe even share your 3D modeling skills. Fiverr can be used to profit from your 3D printer in all 7 ways listed in this eBook.

    I believe that after reading this article "What can 3d printers do business", I don't think that buying more than a dozen 3d printers will be very expensive, make rational use of these 3d printer resources, and create greater profits through 3d printing and sharing networks. Is the king! Need to buy a 3d printer to do business, you can find a regular 3d printer manufacturer, will make 3d printing results with half the effort.