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Bed Levelling problems with Jazla J1 printer

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    Bed Levelling problems with Jazla J1 printer

    Hi everyone,

    I recently bought a Jazla j1 printer [also called a Floureon J1] to complement my Flashforge finder and I'm having some real issues getting the bed level.

    When the printer Homes the nozzle actually pushes the build plate down on one side when it settles. I can see that this is because the opto stops the head when the beam interrupter goes through the opto itself.

    Is that normal? it doesn't seem like a good idea the nozzle pushing down on the bed like that. What is Homing actually designed to do? and if I home it, does that affect the Z=0 stuff or levelling stuff - is Homing like a reset?

    Also, I'm having a hard time understanding the whole Z=0 thing. I don't really know what that is. When I choose it, it asks me to adjust the nozzle height and I do that using the Knob on the front, and when its just touching the bed I click the knob to set it.

    It does have automatic bed levelling using a membrane sensor that attaches to the nozzle but when I use that the nozzle starts printing way too high [about 5mm or so]

    This is a very cheap 3d printer to be sure, and I expected some messing about. I've already had to square up the gantry and it wasn't square out the box, the Bed Levelling screws had also worked loose from their bolts so I've had to retighten those, the Z Axis motor bracket was loose too which definitely doesn't help

    Any advice on getting this thing levelled so that I don't damage any more of the Buildtak-like surface would be great. Sorry if I haven't explained it well, but ask me anything you need to know and I'll reply :-)

    I think once someone explains what the Homing and z=0 stuff actually means and how they interact with each other I'll be in a much better place with this printer but at the moment I've spent days trying to get this thing working properly and its kinda doing ym head in.

    I should point out that I'm using the built in test print [the usual lucky cat one] to do the test print if that helps any.



    Start by levelling the bed side to side with the x gantry. Use something to guage between the bed and the x axis. Set your guage (doesn't make any difference what it is, 3-4" should be fine) on the bed and adjust bed height to match x axis side to side. Then level the bed front to back normally, then set your z axis endstop for your first layer height.


      hi...i have the same problem...have you solved? autolevelling doesnt work...
      it is possible to flash a new firmware?


        autolevelling doesnt work...

        tried doing that, it works sometimes..!!!!
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