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Only printing below 50% speed. (Wanhao i3 mini)

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    Only printing below 50% speed. (Wanhao i3 mini)

    Duplicator i3 mini only wants to print reliably when speed is halved. Even then quality is very bad doesn't like to do supports or infill. I have gotten 2 good prints out of me having it. For about a year or so. First pic you can see where it doesn't like to do infill and supports and that's on 48 speed atm.

    I'm using 1.75mm pla.
    Using powerspec cura program to microsd card to print.
    I've tried many countless times to level the bed (I want to get a glass one but not if it's going to act like this)
    Program settings are in pictures.
    I may not have leveled bed right. It is a possibility. Recommendations would help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Now that its printed a bit more you can see what I mean.