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PLEASE HELP! 3D Printer Issue With Prints

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    PLEASE HELP! 3D Printer Issue With Prints

    Monoprice Maker Select V2

    So this printer has been great! But recently I have had an issue with my prints. It seems no matter how hard I try I cant get that first layer right, also the prints turn out to be very flaky
    And chip away. I have tried bringing the nozzle closer and further away from the build plate. Also seems as if its not extruding much but a fine layer. Completly cleaned the printer out and even put a brand new nozzle on it as the old one was worn out. Any help is aprecciated!
    Also to note this printer has a manual leveling bed but I have spent no telling how long to get it as perfrct as i can. I even tried bed leveling test to make slight adjustments while printing with the flakiness is still an issue.

    Slicer - Ultimaker Cura
    Hotend temp - 210
    Build Plate temp - 60
    Layer Height - 0.2
    Initial layer height - 0.3
    Wall Thickness - 0.8
    Wall line count - 2
    Top/Bottom thickness- 0.8
    Top thickness - 0.8
    Top layers - 4
    Bottom thickness - 0.8
    Bottom layers - 4
    Infill - 20%
    Infill pattern - Grid
    Print Speed - 50
    Infill speed - 50
    Travel speed - 120
    Initial layer speed - 15
    Minimum layer time - 5s
    Build plate adhesion - (happens with any)
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    What is the nozzle diameter did you change sizes and did you also enter filament diameter which you have just checked now and again ?


      Hello, I am new here but based on my experience it appears that your PLA is slipping or under feeding. Did you change brands of filament as they are all not created equally? I recently changed brands and I was ready to throw my printer in the trash because of similar prints to yours. I would go back to my last successful print to see if the issues continue and make sure you don't have any slippage at the extruder. I'm having a separate issue that I will be posting shortly. Hope this helps


        As of now, you got to have a heated bed 3D printing platform made up of glass to ensure a good first layer and better prints. Besides, you can also get Kapton Tape as a print bed surface which ensures quality prints.
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