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Cube X 3D Printer Troubleshooting

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  • tpomeroy
    Look down from the top of the Cube to find the 8mm disc on each side of the print head. These discs must be set symmetrical . Simply rotate the disc with a pencil eraser. Was this the problem?

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  • Lee.Woods
    started a topic Cube X 3D Printer Troubleshooting

    Cube X 3D Printer Troubleshooting

    I bought a Cube X 3D printer second-hand from another person a few weeks ago, confident that I can get it working. As of now, that confidence is decreasing. The problem is the Z-axis stepper motor will only move in the downward direction, and will not move up. The "Z" indicator is on the display (when in manual move mode) all the time. When talking with tech support at 3D Systems, they seem to have sent me good information as far as updating the firmware, including using the alternative method which is supposed to restore factory settings So would this be a component/hardware problem?
    I guess it would help me understand how it works with only using one limit switch for each axis. When the machine can find its limit of movement by the limit switches, but there is only one limit switch per direction of movement, how does the machine know when it reaches its limit of movement to opposite side from which the limit switch is mounted? Is using one limit switch for each axis typical for all 3D printers?