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Ender 3 pro vs a10m

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    Ender 3 pro vs a10m

    Hi guys,

    I'm completely new to 3d printing.
    Now I looking for a decent 3d printer and everyone is screaming ender 3 is your man. But now it's clone buddy is out but with dual extruder and glass bed included.

    i was going for ender 3 however wondering is it would not be better to go for a dual extruder 3d printer that can also mix color.

    i plan to do:
    some gadgets around house. Phone holders and that stuf. Design some Design art for wife.
    And some toys aka models for Daddy.

    I'm totally new.

    What do you guys think. Ender 3 pro or A10M

    And please tell me why.

    Thanks guys
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