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Snapmaker 3D Printer Review

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    Snapmaker 3D Printer Review

    Snapmaker is a fairly new company that started on Kickstarter that raised over $2M. They offered me an opportunity to try out their printer, and couldnít let the opportunity down.


    The assembly time of the printer is around 30 minutes, and assembling it was a piece of cake. The instructions are detailed, and easy to follow. Everything you need including the tools are in the box which means you donít have to run around finding jus the right size screwdriver or wrench.

    Getting Started

    Getting started with printing was easy to do, and when I try out new printers especially one designed for a consumer, I like putting myself into their shoes, pretending that I have no clue what Iím doing.

    One thing that I wished Snapmaker did is that they didnít leave the USB empty. I wish they included pre-sliced prints on the drive, so that after building the printer, you can go ahead and print something right away. This isnít a big deal but its just something nice to have if you are just starting out with 3D printing.

    Anyway, one thing I love about this printer is that you can remove the screen from the printer, and most importantly, itís color, like who uses those lame blue screens know a days. It really makes it much easier to use.

    The Software

    The software is well built and slices, in my opinion, faster than most slicers out there. This is something I wish I had when I first started out 3D printing years ago. All the settings are laid out nicely, with excellent presets and it doesnít overwhelm you.


    I would say this printer is a lot quieter than a lot of printers out there and it would be even quieter when using the enclosure.

    Iíve got to say, a printer that costs 5x less than my printer I normally use, is 5x easier to use and the quality is comparable with it. This truly surprised me. The quality of the prints is truly amazing, and I did all my test prints at high quality. The first print I did was a 3DBenchy, and it nailed all the measurements. Accuracy and detail is phenomenal. All the layers were even, without any problems. All I can say is that the print sticks too well on the bed, but who can complain?

    Iíve had several things I needed to print, and this printer was the one I went to every time. They all came out great and parts that needed to fit together fit like a glove.

    Laser Engraving

    Laser engraving was easy to get started with. You will need to switch the tool head, but itís just removing 4 screws.

    Next step is to head to the software, Snapmakerjs and upload an SVG image or place text and start engraving. Itís easy to learn to use and runs smoothly.

    I tried engraving on several different materials, and it takes some trial and error, but the final result met my expectations. I like to start at low power with the laser and move up if the engraving isnít dark enough.


    I would say the CNC function on this printer is very easy to use. Secure material on the bed, load in a file in Snapmakerjs, set origin and itíll start cutting/engraving within minutes. I donít have much to say about this because I didnít have any problems with the CNC and it is what I was hoping for.

    Overall Thoughts

    This printer is great all around, and perfect for anyone just starting with 3D printing, as it makes everything easy, without compromising anything. This is also great for anyone like me, who is already have been 3D printing for a while now, and is familiar with 3D printers. I love this printer, and will forever sit on my desk.

    The only printer that I can compare this to is the Trinus3D which I own, but you might ask why I should get that one instead of this one? I would say the quality of the 3D prints on the Snapmaker is better than the Trinus. The modular system is better developed on the Snapmaker, making it easier and quicker to exchange the heads for 3D printing, laser engraving and CNCing.

    Link to their website:

    Picture will added as they become available...


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