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Z axis on Flsun Delta higher in the middle, and shorter on the perimeter

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    Z axis on Flsun Delta higher in the middle, and shorter on the perimeter

    As the title states I am a heck of time getting my Flsun delta printer to level out. When I first bought the printer it worked well for several months, except that it was loud. So I recently upgraded the motherboard (from a Gen_L to a Gen 1.4) and TMC2130s for controllers. In the process I also had to upgrade the firmware and I haven't been able to get it working since. In updating the firmware, I modified one of the Flsun samples that came with Marlin. I changed the diagonal rods as well as the TMC2130 settings.
    I have all the endstop set screws at identical heights and the towers are at 90 degrees to the bed. I even checked the XYZ endstops with the calibrate XYZ axis settings to confirm the endstops were all copacetic, but when I check the center, it's always about 2mm higher. I also took a straight edge to the bed to check for warping and all is good.
    With the bed tightened down, I have tried G33 with an auto probe (endstop triggered by the nozzle). I have tried G33 in manual. I have even tried plotting points on the plate myself and using the bed screws to level it. All have the same result of the center somehow being higher in the center and smaller on the perimeter of the bed.
    I think it has something to do with my configs, I am just at a complete loss as to what it might be. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas as to how I can fix this?
    Thank you!
    Old Marlin Configuration.h
    Old Marlin Configuration_adv.h
    New Marlin Configuration.h
    New Marlin Configuration_adv.h

    Into Repetier firmware its part of normal calibration procedure and for this Issue, you should increase HORIZONTAL RADIUS in EPROM, probably you have the same or something similar in Marlin.


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