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TronXY X5S Quick Review [Sponsored by GearBest]

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    TronXY X5S Quick Review [Sponsored by GearBest]

    This is a review sponsored by GearBest. They reached out to me to do a review on a 3D printer of my choosing, and I chose the TronXY X5S.

    Some basic specs of the X5S:
    Max print size: 330 x 330 x 400
    Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
    Max nozzle temperature: 275ļc
    Layer resolution: 0.1-0.4mm
    Max print speed: 150mm/s
    Material diameter: 1.75mm
    XY-axis accuracy: 0.012mm
    Z-axis accuracy: 0.004mm

    GearBest put in the order right before their holiday in China, which affected the shipping speed, but when they came back to work, the printer shipped the next day and arrived shortly after a few days through DHL. I got the printer in around 3 days. The printer gets shipped in a large box, with all the parts organized in foam dividers, protecting all the parts. One improvement over other DIY printers with aluminum extrusions is that with others, all the metal is covered in shavings, from when they cut the metal. This printer didnít have that.

    The Build
    The build of the printer was actually the easiest part. The X5S has all of the major components preassembled, and all you have to do is pretty much build the frame and add all the preassembled parts. The whole build of the printer took less than 2 hours.

    The instructions are in the SD card, and I would actually have preferred if they included paper instructions, but that isnít a big deal.

    Quality of the Printer
    The frame of the printer is made with aluminum extrusions, which makes it very sturdy, and noise and vibrations are minimal with this printer. In the design of the printer, they have Z axis lead screws on each side, with motion two motion bearings on each side. This makes the bed sturdy, which positively impacts the print quality.

    Quality of the Prints
    The quality of the prints I got was phenomenal. The flow rate was consistent, and each layer was also consistent. I still have to upload pictures of the prints, and will do it soon.

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    Picture of the printer.




        I've just received one, with all the upgrades so far, it's an awesome printer


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