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CreatBot F160 Review/My Opinions

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    CreatBot F160 Review/My Opinions

    You might not know what the CreatBot F160 printer is, but you might have heard about their DX and DE series of their 3D printers. They haven't really done marketing on their F series yet, and that's probably why you might not know about this new 3D printer.
    I will be talking about some the specs of the F160 in this review, and if you would like the full detail list of the specs, they will be listed at the bottom of this review.
    Before I go into the review, I want to note that I do have really positive opinions and thoughts on this 3D printer, and I am not an employee or getting paid to write this. However, I was provided with a printer, to use and provide an unbiased review.

    Some Info

    The F160 is going for around $950 and I will link more info down below. My F160 came within 3 days of shipping, which is shipped right out of China. The printer was packaged very well, and the printer was protected well, and nothing got damaged in shipping. The whole unit weighs about 25kgs (55lbs). Right out of the box, in less than 10 minutes, I was able to get it up and running.

    Some basic specs of the F160:
    -160x160x200mm heated bed
    -1.75mm direct drive extruder
    -4.3" touch screen
    -USB flash drive input
    -USB output to your computer
    -Fully enclosed chamber

    The 160x160x200mm heated bed isn't particularly large, but for a lot of people, is it big enough to print a lot of things. The bed comes pre-leveled and has BuildTak already installed on the bed, which allows you to print right away without having to lay down masking tape. The heated bed has a max temperature of 130oC and the hot end has a max temperature of 400oC. This printer having the ability to print up to 400oC and can heat the bed up to 130oC, meets the standards for printing PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone), which is a fairly new type of filament that has high-temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, and high chemical resistance. This is the only 3D printer under $10,000, as of writing this, that is able to print this pricey filament, which is currently going around at about $400 for 500g of PEEK.

    This 3D printer uses the standard 1.75mm filament, no need for the proprietary filament, and can fit any standard spools of filament in the holder at the back of the machine.
    On the front of the machine, is an on/off switch (yay! a lot of DIY printers don't have this.), an USB port, a 4.3" touch screen, and a couple indicator LEDs. Having the ability to turn off your printer with a press of a button, and not having to unplug your whole printer, is a great feature. The USB port on the front, allows you to use universal USB storage devices, instead of using SD cards and adapters to simply get gcode onto your drive. Another great feature is the 4.3" touch screen. You no longer have to scroll/press buttons to simply get to the next menu and makes using the printer so much faster.

    Finally on the back and the whole machine in general, is a USB-B output which you can connect your computer to print directly to the machine. The whole machine is full enclosed and makes printing really quiet (one of the quietest 3D printers I've ever used).

    The Review (Sorry it's kinda short, please do comment with questions! I will also add photos later.)

    I will be going over the print quality, software, and the firmware. Firstly, I would like to mention that this is one of the best 3D printers that I have used.

    The print quality on the F160 is amazing. I was able to use this printer out of the box, with absolutely no calibration, and was able to get perfect prints. The quality of the print blew my mind away and is definitely an amazing printer.

    The software that comes with the printer, CreatWare, is a great software and is kind of like Cura. It is easy to use, and it is made to be compatible with CreatBot printers.

    The firmware on the printer is amazing. By firmware, I mean the interface for the LCD screen. It is easy to use, and everything is laid out perfectly, and the LCD screen was responsive without delay. The screen is full color, and not those on DIY RepRap printers, with the blue background, and pixelated text.

    I would recommend this printer to others.
    You can get more info here:

    Here are some pictures:

    The prints in the brownish filament is in PEEK and the prints in black are carbon fiber.
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      How are you liking the F160 after a few months use? I'm considering it or the F430 for high temp printing.


        Sorry didn't see your question. It is great, with perfect prints every time. The heating process is very fast. Quality prints and quiet. I also want the F430


          It is my favorite printer so far.


            Originally posted by niko View Post
            How are you liking the F160 after a few months use? I'm considering it or the F430 for high temp printing.
            I'm also interested in the F430, have you gotten it yet?



              Does anybody bought the Creatbot F430? I would be very grateful for some opinions about this machine.


                Hello Johann, I'm considering buying the Creatbot F160 to test professional filaments and I have a few questions:
                1. Is this printer a opensource printer?
                2. Can I use a different slicer like Simplify3D or Prusa slicer?
                3. What type of nozzle is installed? And is this a standard A2 plated steel nozzle?

                I look forward to your answers.

                Best regards,




                  I just ordered the Creatbot F430 and plan to share some test etc. Does anybody knows any forum for it?


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