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Direct print from a laptop?

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    Direct print from a laptop?

    So I bought a qidi tech replicator clone it is a nice printer dual extruder fully enclosed ect ect...

    So I am new to 3d printing and I want to set it up with my old laptop in my garage.

    first step I need to figure out how to print directly from the laptop. What program or programs do I need besides slic3r.

    Second step I want to control the laptop from my office computer via the Internet. I want to be able to start and monitor the print via webcam
    Can I do this with octoprint or astroprint? Is there another program I am overlooking?

    To answer the first wuestion, you will need repetier host to control the printer through a usb cable. You have full control over it, except of course powering it on and off. I dont know however much about remote monitoring, wait for someone else's advice.


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