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New to Blender | Where to start? Any good tutorials?

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  • New to Blender | Where to start? Any good tutorials?


    My usual CAD software is SolidWorks and Rhino, but I want to get my head around Blender for modeling for 3D printing.

    As I come from a technical/design engineering background I haven't had much exposure to animation software like blender and 3D max, so I'd like to learn as I know it'll be useful.

    I've downloaded it, on my Mac, and I'd like to know how easy is it to get to grips with. Do you recomend any tutorials and exercises? Which tools in blender are more commonly used for creating/editing watertight models for printing?


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    Hi Alex!
    I am sorry but I am having a very hard time understanding why you should start using Blender (have nothing against it!) when you use both SolidWorks and Rhino??
    It would make sense if you want to learn 3d animation, but there is no problem creating valid watertight models in both SW and Rhino. If you would like to model more organic shapes, I would stick to the sw you know and use for instance TSpline plugin in Rhino or maybe Fusion 360...


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      I'm assuming you are starting with Blender because it is free. That is why I originally learned how to use it. For the general basics, I would start with the two part video below. If you follow it step by step, maybe a few times, you will have the basic hotkeys down and should be able to model most objects. This will not give you 3D printing advice, but will let you create proper models in Blender. That said, I would also check out DesignSpark Mechanical. It's also free and is more of a CAD program than Blender.

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        ... and part 2.


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          Thank you. I prefer the proper CAD side of things than the animation side, so I will try DesignSpark and I wont be giving up on Rhino anytime soon. The reason why I ask is because of a job I'm interested in, where they sometimes use blender so I'll have to be familier with it so I can make design for print changes. Learning the tools and hotkeys is really what I'm looking for.


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            Sounds good. I use SpaceClaim which is what DesignSpark Mechanical is based on. I love it. As for Blender, the above tutorials would be perfect for what you are looking to learn. The basics of the UI, hotkeys , modeling, and rendering. Enough to be dangerous. Good luck with the possible job, by the way!


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              Hi! I am also new to Blender and used to watch videos here rather helpful for me, doing my first steps in 3D modelling


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