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Marlin 2.0 + Printer Offset

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    Marlin 2.0 + Printer Offset

    Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering if some of you experience issues with the printer 3D Bed XY Offset and the "internal" feature proposed by Marlin FW?

    This is my setup:
    • Printer: old, but well functional, Migbot i3 (?2015) w MKS Base V1.6 Board
    • Bed size: 220x220 mm
    • Firmware: Home configured Marlin
    • Slicer: MatterControl 2.0
    After pushing the Firmware into the printer, I've realized that my bed offset isn't taken into consideration in the Marlin position computed.

    The defined Homing Offset is set and saved into the EEProm (X-14, Y-37, Z0). My Bed boundaries are X220, Y220, Z200 so my comprehension of the offsets is that my printer "playground" is X234, Y257, Z220. It's not what I experience and when I try to Auto Bed Level my printer using the LCD menu options, I'm out of the board boundaries, but when I home the 3 axes it's straight to center of the board (SAFE_HOMING option enabled at X110, Y110).

    Any ideas?

    Best regards to all