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    Cura Setting Question

    I'm able to to print a single object without an issue. I seem to have problems when printing multiple objects. More specifically multiple smaller objects. Not super tiny objects but smaller in size.

    I feel the issues occur when the head is moving and possibly prime speed or some other possible issue.

    I was wandering if there is a setting in Cura that allows me to control speed between objects?
    Or perhaps anyone could recommend some other tweaks I could try.

    I have an Anet A8. It does have upgraded steppers and fans and blowers but it is still a stock setup just with upgraded parts. Quieter fans and so forth.

    I appreciate any help.

    Hello Vyle80r,

    I'm pretty new to this as wel. On the first question 'if there is a setting in Cura that allows me to controle speed between objects' you can change the travel speed it is not only between objects.
    Travel speed is used to move the nozzle to an other position when not printing. So it will also slow down the travel speed on the same object. Impact is not to much.

    If you print a single object is it easy to remove from the bed by hand or hard?
    Do you have a heated bed, if yes, which temperature is it on?
    What type of filament are you using?

    In my (not to experience) eyes it could be a few things where you can have a look at.
    - Print bed slightly to low or high or not perfect level
    - temperature bed
    - temperature nozzle


      Thanks for your reply.

      I have the bed at 60c
      I have the extruder at 205c for this spool.

      I'm using PLA+. I did print a temp tower and found 205c to be the most desirable outcome.

      The single objects don't take much to remove them even while the bed is still hot. If the bed has cooled down, it is very easy to just pick it up of the bed.

      I'll try the travel speed adjustment and see how well that does.


        No problem at all.

        If that does not work I would suggest to move your bed up just a little bit. As your build comes of very easy.
        I would suggest 1/8 of a turn each time.

        I found the last tweaks of bed leveling easy with a huge circle. Made one that just fitted the bed. Tweaking 1/8th of a twist on the bolt every time.

        What also could be a possibility is your initiate layer speed, I've put it lower than Cura initial settings by 10mm/s. So the first layers stick better.