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Ignore Models out of bounds?

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    Ignore Models out of bounds?

    When printing in pieces is there a way to ignore separate models that are out of bounds?
    I've noticed several people (including myself) complaining of the occasional long wait that occurs when they have the pieces all cut, sized and placed off the side while they try to position one model on the platform, then checking the auto supports option and realizing they have 42 other pieces set off to the side that now are going to make supports as well. Boom 20 minute loading wait. I also do this a lot when going to print and it will often cause a crash in the software because it's trying to render all the models out of bounds as well :\

    If maybe we could have an 'ignore out of bounds models' that ignored individual models if they were out of the printing field and only notified you if a model that was in the printing range was intersecting with the edges. I think it would work if you based it around the transform of the printing field + transform of the model. I could see errors coming up from models that are in the air within the printing box but only if you based the code around 'ignore models off platform.' it would only work if you coded it to ignore models outside of the printing box's specific transform LocRotScale. Could also work if there was a separate 'non printing box' to the side of the platform box.

    Any input from community appreciated, I'm no good at coding I can read C# but can't write it and this is my best solution to this idea. It would give you the ability to cut down a helmet yourself and size/separate the pieces, then place one set of unprinted off the left, printing in the middle on the platform and printed off the right.

    I don't know if you have individual STL files for each piece, but if you do then slicing them seperately would be the best. If not then I really don't have any answer.