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    I've done some characters with blender ( + zBrush) and I would like to know how can I prepare my models to be printed. I enrolled in university this year and found out that they have a 3D printer that the students can use, so I would like to know what should I do to make it work.

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    I don't have much Blender experience , but you neet to first install "3D print" plugin for Blender and activate it from the Blender menu .


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      Blender has a pretty good number of export options. For most of the programs that 3d printers work with you can export your design into one of the file types and then use it in the program associated with your printer. For example, with my MakerBot I export from blender into an STL file and then can import it easily into Makerware. What kind of printer does your school have?

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        I am also new to 3d printing but as i know you are to save your model as .stl file and be sure walls of the model are thick enough for printing, it depends on the nozzle type of the printer you will use. Other setting are to be done with your 3d printer, but probably i misunderstand smth


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          Try downloading this plugin it will prepare your 3D model for 3D printing and you can download your model in STL or Obj format.


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