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  • Kisslicer 1.5 layer count

    I'm using a Polyprinter 229 employing Kisslicer 1.5 and Polypronter software. In the Kisslicer interface there is a Gcode tab with a prewritten script that will stop the printer at a specific layer to allow for a color change. This would be real handy if I could accurately determine the layer on which to stop. I scroll each layer with the slider and determine where I want this inserted, but there is nothing to indicate which layer I'm on. I've tried counting it manually, which isn't really that easy because there is no manual stepping capability. You have to move the slider manually. It stops during the operation for the color change, but is never on the exact layer I want it to. There is a box on the right that gives layer location by mm, when you do the math it still doesn't stop on the exact layer you want it. For example: I'm running .250 layer height and at indicated layer 4.50 I want to do the color change. If you do the math it would be layer 17. the script in the N*layers tab is
    ; layer time
    M31 Z0
    ; insert a pause to change color.
    ; N must be half the total height or higher if only one pause is desired

    G28 X0; move head out of way (will preserve feedrate);
    M117 --- Change the Color! ---
    M0 ; pause the print - waits for open and close of filament switch
    G28 X0 ; fix up in case head got moved while changing filament

    I change the M31 Z0 to Z17 but it never stops where I want it to. It's usually off by 1 to 3 layers.
    Polypronter for some reason doesn't count layers specifically so it isn't helpful in solving this mystery either. Has anyone figured this out in the Kisslicer software?

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    Hi. The layer height in KS box can be displayed as model height or Gcode height. Is it that?
    I use a slightly different approach. I edit the Gcode after slicing. I search for z=n where n is the displayed Gcode height and insert M600. Dunno if polyprinter supports that.


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