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  • Hot End Homing settings

    Hi all, I'm hoping this will be a quick fix?
    I have a Felix V2 printer running Marlin firmware, I'm making a few improvements to it, one of them being a new bracket to hold the hot end (once complete I will post pictures) the problem I am having is getting the hot end to home at a different position on the print bed.
    If I select "home all" via the web console, the hot end moves to the centre of the bed, if I want to home "z" on its own, I have to home each axis first, they move to their respective home positions then "x" moves 55mm and "y" moves 10mm, very slowly I may add. This position puts my IR probe off the print bed. Obviously this is not good as the hot end will crash into the bed.
    Within the firmware I cannot find any settings that will allow me to change this "z" homing position.
    Can any one advise please?

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    Did you change your probe offsets in the firmware to match your new bracket?

    //============================= Bed Auto Leveling ===========================
    // these are the offsets to the probe relative to the extruder tip (Hotend - Probe)
    You should also be able to change the probe travel speed just below that as well.


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      Thank you for you response, I sorted it soon after writing this post, I went into the "homez" folder and changed the values there, it now homes in the centre of the bed.


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