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    Help with XYZ's software

    So, a little background. I have long term borrowed a friends XYZ Da Vinci Jnr printer. I have had good success with printing models from Thingyverse and the like. I recently wanted to try a bigger project and wanted to print out a prop gun from an online computer game, Destiny. There's a site called destinystlgenerator that rips the models from the game world and allows you to use them. They're a little complicated as they contain about 40 different files of various parts of the gun. I have used MeshMixer to strip out the unnecessary stuff and save as an STL file. However when I open up the file in XYZ software it seems to be made up of the individual triangles, not a solid piece. I wanted to check it was looking right in the print software before I tried to split the file, as I want this thing to be life size, which would be nearly a meter long!

    Pictures attached. This happens if I merge all the parts together or not. It also happens if I open the saved stl in MeshLabs, edit a little to close holes or something, and then re-save.

    Any help in getting this model clean enough to print, or to print from a different software (without totally hacking the printer, as it's not mine) would be appreciated. I also need to make this model solid at some point which is proving tricky, any extra advice would be much appreciated.

    This is the problem I'm trying to describe

    Could be something with the Meshmixer save/export settings. Does it slice properly? Can you share the file you show in the picture so we can see what it looks like in other slicers? You may want to download CURA just to see how it opens in another software.


      I didn't actually try slicing it, saw the render and didn't think to try. I've had a look and it seems like it'll work, but I don't know enough to read that file correctly.

      Here's the files. Rotated a resized to fit on the print bed, just as a working document.

      Thanks for the help.
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        I tend to agree with Andrew. I use Pro-E and those mesh triangles are similar to what I would get if I wanted a low resolution item. In the attached screenshots are from Pro-E on a Induction Sensor Support for my printer that I designed. The first image shows my settings and the second shows the mesh that it automatically created. Try adjusting these settings in Meshmixer to low values. That will increase the number of triangles that it is using to create the mesh.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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          I'll be able to check it out later today, but it does sound like it's just a low resolution export from Meshmixer. Especially since the file is under 900 KB.


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