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GeeeTech A10 - Review, Mods, and Upgrades

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    GeeeTech A10 - Review, Mods, and Upgrades

    G'day from Australia,
    I received my GeeeTech A10 from GearBest and I have had a pretty good experience with it so far.

    Check out my review at GeeeTech A10 - Review

    Here I will post my upgrades and Mods that I have done and intend to do.

    GEARBEST is doing a deal for the GeeeTech A10
    From 6 to 31 July you can get the Geeetech A10 for $185.99USD using the Coupon code: GBA10
    Just go to GeeeTech A10 - GearBest

    I'm also working on my ANET E10 Pages:
    I also have a collection of Mod's from other ANET E10 enthusiasts @
    I am also hosting a ANET E12 User Group for anyone that has one @

    Happy Printing,

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