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Bed Adhesion - Fabrikator II Mini

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    Bed Adhesion - Fabrikator II Mini

    Being new to 3D printing, I'm a bit lost on what to do next. The printer worked well for a few prints, then quickly deteriorated to the below state.

    I have a problem with bed adhesion, and think it might be due to the fact that from its park position to the print start position the printer feeds extruded material, so that by the time it has got to the true start it has a "tail" of hardening material dangling from the nozzle. This most times promptly tangles with the material being laid down and pulls it up into a tangled ball on the extruder nozzle. Occasionally the extruded "tail" clears the work area and the print then goes ahead, but usually this ends up in the work area at some point and the print is destroyed.

    I have set the printer inc feed rates up as per manual and checked bed levelling so many times I'm pretty confident its not that unless the manual is wrong. Have tried 190 - 210 head temp and 0 to 60 bed temp. Using 1.75 PLA, Extruder Dia .4.

    When it manages to print layers right through a job they are smooth and even with what looks to be perfect bonding, great layer adhesion.

    I assume the ejection of material before print position is reached, maybe 10-15mm long, is incorrect, but what is wrong? Help please!

    01-07-2018 07:00 PM

    My solidoodle does the same thing, so every time I start a print I eject 5mil and hit start, my printer goes to the center, comes back home, waits a second, then goes and prints. When it comes back home I grab the tail and hold it. When it goes to print it drags the tail off and any ooze turns into a thin string that doesn't get into the way. Once it's started printing I pop the thin string and let it go. Works fine after that.


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