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Issues printing with ABS

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    Issues printing with ABS

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently trying to tune my printer for ABS, and I'm hitting a wall.
    I tried several times to print the 3dBenchy with very bad results.
    Printing with PLA is flawless.

    First, my hardware:
    I'm running a Tronxy X3 (i3 chinese clone) upgraded with an original E3d V6 hotend.
    The printer uses a Bowden setup, with 6mm retraction.
    I'm printing ABS "reprap Austria deluxe" ( rated for printing between 220 and 250 c with a 0.2 layer height.
    The bed is heated to 85c (I cannot get higher with this bed, and my replacement draw too much current for the mosfets. The solder of the transistors melts when I use the "good" bed) with a buildTak sheet.
    The cooling fan was off.
    The model was sliced with simplify3d.
    The layers 1 to 3 are printed at 243 (lower than 240c and I have adhesion issues even with buildtak) and the next ones are printed at 230c

    And as for the results, looks at this album:

    Can anyone help me understanding what is happening ?
    I have on 1 edge like matter being "sucked" back from the print. And this emplacement is the one where the layer change happens.
    I don't understand what this is. Too hot, too much retraction ?
    3dbenchy abs failure (9 fotos)

    Hi tripy. I do all my printing in ABS and use s3d. For high quality prints I have my bed at 90deg extruder at 230deg. Top & bottom layes set at 10.
    I also use PEI on my print bed, no need for rafts, tape or glues and it lasts far longer than Builtak.


      It looks like heat is causing your issue. Another possibility is that you are printing too fast, like it is not setting before it moves on. At corners this could be causing it to "pull" as you say. The first thing I would try is to add cooling after the first layer or 2. Providing cooling will help it set faster so it does not "pull". If that does not work then play with your temperature and speed to see what happens.


        I don't think speed is the issue, as I was printing with a max speed of 40mm/s.
        It took 1:30 hours to print. When printing it with pla, Ican print at 60mm/s with a good result.

        It does looks a bit like the simplify 3d print issue example of printing too hot, but as I was in the lower end of the recommended printing temperatures I sorta discarded it.
        It's true that I didn't tried to print with cooling, as this is abs, but I'll try.
        Thanks for the suggestions.


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