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Help X axis just stops

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    Help X axis just stops

    I have the following setup

    Board : GT2560 (also tryed with ramps, but the same)


    DRV8825 for x, y, and z axis

    A4988 for the extruder

    Firmware Marlin and repetier

    Everything is working fine until i star printing, after a few layers (usualy 3 or 4 layers) the x axis just stops, and even if i reset the board wont move.

    The only way it gets working agains is if i unplug everything and start over.

    Checked voltage on the drivers and endstops and it seams ok just before starting to print.

    Can someone give me a hand please?

    try adjusting the pot on x axis during a print there is a fine line each way the stepper will stop, also make sure belt isn't overtight or bearings run smooth and try another object to print


      Changed the driver for a4988.

      I printed 3 medium sized object ok all together with around 300 x 100 mm. got a great print.

      Just to check printed a small calibration 20x20 and all ok

      tried to print a larger one 350x350mm and the x axis seams to block.

      Teste with g1 x400 y400, after homing, and i the x axis always seams to block around 2/3 of the way.

      i have testet with f parameter from 6000 to 1000, and always the same result.

      I think that it needs more power source using this with 10A+10A
      Click image for larger version.*  Name:	HTB1ps4bLFXXXXaqXVXXq6xXFXXX7.jpg* Views:	2* Size:	90.8 KB* ID:	10052

      Can i use 2 diferent transformers, or must o change to a stronger power source?

      Note: mi heated bed is powered with 220v with a SSR conetect do the board, and tests were made with extruder and bed off


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