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hot (swap-able) end mod

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    hot (swap-able) end mod

    Hi guys
    Well, today I was doing some cleanup work in my work space, which included sorting through a pile of old components from my PC tech days, as well as tidying up the wires on my 3d printer.

    At this point, I got a sudden bolt of inspiration, there are 12 wires coming from my print head (motor*4, cooling fan*2, 6v fan*2, heat element*2 and thermister*2) and I have a MASSIVE collection of Dsub 15 connectors. I thourght to my self, that this could lead to an easy way of making "hot swap-able" print heads, since the wirers connected to the mother board could stay connected, and just a single plug (the D-sub 15) is changed when changing the print head.

    Has anyone done this before? Any hints or tips for how to go ahead?

    I wont be doing this until my new extruder/hotend assembly arrives, but it sure looks like a fun project.

    Sounds a good idea and well worth trying. So you would just have a plug on the print head so that you could swap it in and out by unplugging it? Surely there would be lots of other work to do to swap a head? Unscrewing many bolts?

    Will @ 3DEX Ltd /


      I'm still working out the finer details, but my current plan is to make a "clip on" X carrage, so the print head just cliped on, and to swap it out, you just unplug a wire single wire, remove it, clip the new one in place, connect the single wire.

      If nothing else, it would mean the wires were easyer to manage (I find short runs easyer than long runs)


        3Dex, I dont suppose you know of a good design for a quick release print head? Thats the bit I'm really struggling


          This may give you some ideas for how to go about swapping and fixing the wires:


            I've got a Robo3D I'm setting up something like this. Started with the X-carriage (, got a couple more cooling fins, Volcano clones, etc - one for each nozzle size. Only have to disconnect the heater cartridge and thermistor, though. Take out the 2 bolts holding in the extruder, slide hot-end assembly out the side - no more broken heat-breaks!!!


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