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tiny DIY printer plans?

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  • tiny DIY printer plans?

    Hi guys.
    I have designed and build a chocolate extruder (yays), but I havent put it on my printer yet, mainly because I dont want the faf on trying to fit it on my I3 clone (I designed and built it, then realised it didnt fit in place of my current one). But anyway, its basically an auger pellet extruder, fed from a hopper above the printer.

    anyway, long story short, I'm looking at building a small (chocolate) printer, specifically for using this extruder. I really only need a small print area (50mm^3 is bigger than most chocolates, 100mm^3 would let me do even quite large easter eggs)

    I'm considering a delta style printer, as that would leave a convenient location for the "hopper" for the chocolate chips, in the top of the printer, where most people put spool holders.

    I've now built 5 3d printer's from kits (one for me, 2 for my local maker space, and 2 with the local scouts) so I think it'd be fun to try my hand at doing it from scratch, and even designing my own kit. But I'm not 100% sure where to start, so any advice would be really appreciated. If anyone has any links for a good set of instructions on building a delta printer that'd be great too. Google is not being my friend today

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