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Enclosure temperature control

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  • Enclosure temperature control

    Hay guys, Having "fixed" my enclosure for my printer, I'm looking at setting up a basic heater and fan rig in my enclosure to keep it warm. I've got a usb mains adaptor, that has 2 usb ports, as well as a mains AC line. So I'm thinking of setting it up with one of my arduino's I've got about (probably the nano, but maybe the micro)

    I'm a pretty dab hand at electronics (despite what my experiences so far with the 3d printer would show) but I've never built anything with heating elements ect, so I'm not quite sure where to start. Fans easy, heating elements not so much.

    Google isnt showing up much, so I was wondering if anyone had done something similar before, and could give me some tips on where to start?

    Big thing I need to know, What would the recomended heating element be? and how am I best to control it? (I presume wire it to the mains, and use a transistor and PWM to control it?)



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