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Newbie : best 3d printers in the uk for cosplay below 1000

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  • Newbie : best 3d printers in the uk for cosplay below 1000

    I am completely new to the 3d printing scene but have been interested seeing some of the projects completed in the cosplay community and was hoping to get a printer that will allow me to make helmets and other cosplay things.
    Could some please advise me the best options foras little as possible? Seen diy machines being reccomended before.
    thanks for reading this and look forward to replies. Cheers Ste

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    Personally, I recomend a reprap prusa I3, If you look arround on ebay you can get them for as little as 150

    in itself its not big enough to print a helmet, but once you understand how it works, its easy to modify and improve.

    Although, I do feel I should tell you, I saw a daft punk helmet printed on a MASSIVE 3d printer. It took 18 hours to print, and that was a fast one. So dont hold your breath on printing helmets quickly.


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      I think using epoxy would be more useful than 3D printing. 5DIY 3D printer require a lot of tinkering and time. If you want to just print things you will need to spend some money on higher class printer than DIY.


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        TLDR: if you want to do it for fun and want a whole heap of material options, check out a flashforge creator pro, but the build volume is not big enough to print a helmet in 1 go (you'll need to bond pieces together)

        I think that if you're wanting to print in a multitude of materials you should consider an enclosed design. If you're happy with a decent but somewhat brittle plastic (PLA) then an open design should be fine.
        If it's for 1 or 2 cosplay items only then as people have said it's going to be far easier and more cost effective to find someone on 3D hubs or similar. Otherwise if you want the experience of making it yourself and you have 3D models / can model then for $1000 you can get a vast array of printers. Note that most enclosed units (probably all in your price range) won't print a helmet in 1 go, but you can build it in pieces and bond them together, it will just mean some prep work on the seams. I have a couple of dual extruder machines I am happy with, check out flashforge creator pro. Not the very cheapest but a solid 3D printer. Regarding epoxy etc, you can use 3D printing to make negative molds etc too if required, although most people make a plug / master then cast around that in a molding material (e.g. silicone).


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