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Wolfbite users, a few questions for you about glass damage

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  • Wolfbite users, a few questions for you about glass damage

    So I've been using airwolf3d's wolfbite (abs) for quite some time now and I've had nothing but success from it until recently. It seems they changed the formula from a water base to a vinegar base, and since I've started using this new formula, it is chewing up my glass. I would typically see the glass flake on prints after about 50-60 prints, but this new stuff is taking chunks out of brand new glass from the same manufacturer as the old glass. Anyone else noticed this? , ,
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    Taking chunks out of glass??? wow thats nasty stuff. I havent used airwolf3d wolfbite, apart from once at my makers space to do a review, and I think it worked really well.

    I'd contact airwolf and tell them what you've noticed, and include photos. they will want to know and might have to reformulate


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      Yes, we noticed this as well. I don't know for certain if Airwolf changed their formula, but I do know that they've stopped selling the ceramic beds and gone back to borosilicate glass for this same reason. The ceramic was even worse than the glass at chipping when using wolfbite.

      The only 2 tips I can give you are 1) after a print finishes allow the plate to cool to room/ambient temperature, then run the plate under tap water until the parts remove freely without chipping the glass and 2) you might try diluting your wolfbite in a water before applying it. I have not tried that myself, but it might help (plus it will stretch the mileage you get from 1 bottle).

      I assume you know not to just pull parts off the plate by grabbing them from the top and pushing/pulling on them. Use a scraper and come in from the sides only. But running the plate under water has helped us considerably reduce the glass chipping.

      Good luck, hope that helps.

      Chris @ freeform


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