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The importance of keeping a spare USB cable on hand...

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    The importance of keeping a spare USB cable on hand...

    I have recently been having some minor connection issues with my #1 printer lately... It would connect with RH ok to start out, but at some point during preheating, it would stop communicating... no errors showing up in the logs either...
    This morning, I started it up as usual, set up for calibrating a new spool of filament and started preheating the bed... when I went to start the extruder and raise the bed back up - no response... (X commands waiting in the RH info window). Well, crap!
    Shut it all down (as in completely turned off) and attempted to restart.... printer first... uhoh... the printer is not being recognized by the computer... this is not cool.
    I have had a problem in the past with the USB chip on the controller board for this printer, and of course the brain went straight to that scenario again... But common sense took over shortly after that thought and said try a different USB cable first... latest movies free online
    Pulled the cable from the #2 printer (same controller board, same type of cable) and swapped it in to #1. Started up again... and viola - connection is good and it is happily printing away as I type this...
    I currently have one spare USB cable for these 2 printers - will be ordering a couple more today when I place a filament order...
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    Spare parts are always important. Especially when troubleshooting.


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